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Current treatment for advanced HCC includes mainly sorafenib and more recently approved regorafenib and nivolumab, as chemotherapy has shown little benefit. However, the modest benefit and the low response rate from systemic treatments suggest an increased need for new strategies. Recent scientific advances indicate a potential benefit from immunotherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma, due to its immunogenicity.

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However, the increasing numbers of chronic HCC carriers in the U. During this exciting time in the field of HCC basic science and clinical management, many changes are simultaneously occurring at multiple levels of our understanding and management of the disease. Suddenly, there are several new choices of therapy to offer patients.

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Duda's group is focused on studies of tumor interaction with its microenvironment, with the goal of identifying the cellular and molecular mechanisms of: 1 local tumor progression in liver cancers and metastatic tumor progression in other gastrointestinal cancers hepatocellular cancer immunotherapy in prostate and breast malignanciesand 2 treatment resistance in advanced cancers. The ultimate goal hepatocellular cancer immunotherapy to identify and validate targets for combination therapy with radiation and immunotherapy in preclinical studies, and in parallel conduct studies of biomarkers of response in correlative clinical studies. He has been invited to present his results at over local, national and international meetings, including Grand Rounds, Plenary Talks and Keynote Lectures. For his work, Dr.

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